a look inside my closet + blog sale

I'm on break! Finally! Not that finals were that bad with the minimal amount of studying I did, but it's still nice to be able to sleep into till whenever. I took advantage of my free time to sort out some of my old clothes that I've wanted to sell and take pictures of them as well.

As I pulled out each article of clothing, I got a bit nostalgic. At one point, I loved all these clothes dearly, and through selling them, I hope someone else will love them as much.

shoes worn throughout: sam edelman gigi sandle in saddle, vans white slip ons, steve madden elusionl leopard d'orsay flats

i'm basically wearing a fancy blanket + book review

While I'm unsure of exactly what field I want to work in yet, I'm sure it'll be related to the arts or fashion. Both are difficult fields, and I've been reading books by women I admire to get a feel of how they reached their goals.

Along the way, I dress for success with my fancy scarf, aka a blanket (and not just because I forgot to take photos of the books before returning to the library).

Introducing Sophia Amoruso, Diane von Furstenburg, Mindy Kaling, and Kate Betts:

5 things I don't regret doing

First off, the elephant in the room, a new hair color! I've been talking about it on the blog for ages, and yesterday I added a photo on Instagram. In keeping with the theme of "things my kids will use as excuses to get away with things bc of my 'rebellious childhood'", 5 things I don't regret doing (other than dying my hair).

diy: how i went platinum at home

After keeping my platinum hair for almost 8 months, I decided it was time for a change. I really enjoyed it, and am so happy I took the plunge back in April.

Because I'm always looking for fund my shopping habit save money, I DIYed everything, and thought I would share it in a better and more concise form than my previous posts. By doing it myself, I saved about $700.

A large amount of the changes that come with platinum hair is also how people treat you, and your perception of yourself.


it's all Greek to me

A collection of things I don't really understand, from the inconsequential to the important. Because it's all Greek to me - like the columns (someone please appreciate my jokes).

In listicle form, since I've realized my posts tend to be very long and wordy. And I've been spending too much time on Buzzfeed lately.

how to take blog photos in public

I always get a lot of questions about shooting in public and taking outfit photos, and I thought I'd condense them into a post. Also because this location has been one I've wanted to shoot at for ages, but it's usually quite busy.

If you've ever wanted to be able to take outfit photos in public without feeling (as) awkward, this is the perfect post for you.

Everything you need to know about taking better photos in public.

don't be a prick - thoughts on "being nice"

While it's already well into November, and therefore fall, California still can't make up it's mind. So I brought out my favorite white dress for one last day - taking it into fall with a dark grey Brandy Melville Caroline cardigan and bold lip

Wearing a white lace Abercrombie dress, dark grey Brandy Melville Caroline cardigan, and Kensie Hadin sandals.

it's just peachy

It's been a wonderful few days, though very hectic as well. I haven't written a lifestyle type post in a while, where I just talk about what's new, and it seems like with the start of a new month, this is a common theme throughout the blogging community.

Plus, a lil poem I wrote a few years back - and am still quite proud of to this day. 
A mens-wear inspired white blazer paired with stripes and oxfords

how to meet up with people online (and not get kidnapped)

In the spirit of Halloween, I thought I'd do this somewhat spirited post! Because there are so many things that can go wrong when you meet people from online in person - and there are likely horror movies about this

On to the tips, story, and most importantly, the photos!

Your guide to making friends on the internet safely.

the past 604,800 seconds

Since I started blogging back in April, this has been the longest break I've taken. It was only a little bit over a week, but it was a huge one for me. 

I haven't been in a great place mentally for a month or so. It's up and down, some days I'll feel normal, and others I'm in the dumps. One of the bright sides of this though, is that I've been thinking a lot. Primarily about happiness, and how to be happier

6 ways to stay heathy for lazy people

Like most people, I strive to be healthy, and somewhat fit. Unlike most people though, I expect my fitness to come naturally, and without sweat à la Taylor Swift exiting her ballet class looking more perfect than I ever have been. 

But as Taylor and I do not share the same gene pool, and therefore the same ability to not sweat, I've developed a few tactics for staying healthy and fit when you're as lazy as I am

my photography journey in 20 photos

Photography has been such a huge part of both my life and my blog, so I thought I'd share a bit of my journey, as well as some tips and lessons I learned along the way. I went from shooting with a point and shoot in thrown together setups in my living room, to making over $1,000 this summer from photo jobs - and I didn't spend all of that on clothes!

how to take proper care of your clothes

I like to think I'm a pretty smart shopper, and am good at making sure I get the full value of my clothing. Although I've found certain brands are better than others in terms of quality, I've found a way to make my fast fashion buys last longer as well by taking care of them properly.

Because straight up tips are so boring to read if they don't apply to you, I've also included a little tidbit or story with each piece! I hope that makes it a little more interesting for you guys!

what it's like to be an introvert

I've always loved reading my horoscope and taking personality tests, something about seeing my qualities and possible future listed out on paper just seems so interesting to me. With the dozens of personality tests I've taken, I almost always get "Introvert" (possibly just because they never seem to have Ambivert as an option), which seems to have a bit of a negative connotation. But here's what it really means.

how to make "me time" when you don't even have free time

Struggling to make time for yourself with a busy schedule? Here are some tips and ideas to get you started on your road to relaxation! via Angelina Is

Look at that rhyme! I always seem to brainstorm best late at night, when I really should be sleeping. I was in that state of half awake, half asleep, and I just jolted awake, delighted with myself that I had come up with such a hilarious title. So I had to use it obviously.

We all lead busy lives, and often, we don't have time to do the things that we genuinely like, due to school, work, and other commitments. Over time, life can begin to seem like one long challenge, in which there is no reward. But it shouldn't be that way! As someone who wishes there were more hours in the day, here are some tips and ideas to make the best of them, and have time for what you want to do.

a little bit of self love

The Bay Area has been having one of those mood swings, weather wise. It can't make up its mind whether it's summer or fall, and as a result, it's sweater weather one day, and the devil's armpit the other

I've been caught between two feelings lately as well - sometimes I love my body, and other days I don't. 

everything you need to know about fashion week

With New York Fashion Week about halfway done, I thought I would share some interesting facts about designers, shows, and Fashion Month in general that I've picked up with my frantic Googling and YouTubing.
everything you need to know about fashion week


Now that I've gotten your attention, I have to say, I've lied - I didn't go to Taylor Swift's house, but I did visit Greystone Mansion, so basically the same thing! I also went to a few places in Hollywood - Commissary at The Line Hotel, Griffith Park, LACMA, and Melrose Ave.

angelina is, 1.5 (a somewhat relaunch)

As my blog grows and becomes more "professional", I've been thinking a lot about the steps full time or well known bloggers seem to have taken. I've been reading a lot of articles advertising tips and tricks "every blogger has to know", and have taken them with a grain of salt. 

So here's Angelina Is, version 1.5, as well as some easy steps to make your blog even better!

balboa park + san diego museums (iii)

Hopefully, by now you guys aren't tired of my constant vacation posts, but I only have 4 total - I promise (i and ii). I took a loong break to bring some other posts into the mix, but I think I'll just post these in order. San Diego was too beautiful not to write about! We mainly stayed in the Balboa Park area - they have tons of amazing museums and places to visit, all within walking distance!

adios summer 2015

Every year, I make a bucket list of things I want to try and accomplish over the summer. It helps me plan out my time, and keeps me from being bored! This year, I got quite a lot done

back to school style: dark boho

I started school this week, but it seems like most of the Internet is still in summer! Still, back to school videos and articles have been popping up everywhere. I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon with my first post, dark boho style. I made that up

interview w serina of serinaland

I recently met up with Serina of Serinaland, and we walked around taking photos for an afternoon. It was a great way to relax before school starts on Monday, and it's always fun hanging out with fellow bloggers - we're the only ones who understand the high expectations for photos!

*how to have custom made clothing on a budget

A few weeks ago, eShakti reached out to me to review one of their products, and was so excited! I mean, free clothes will have anyone excited. Here's a little bit about my experience. 

an eye opening experience (ii 1/2)

This may be potentially triggering for some. If you'd rather read something more light hearted, here's the most recent part of my travel series

musings: what I'm grateful for

A few days ago, I was shooting with someone who wasn't from the area, and she kept saying how lucky I was to be able to live in California (these photos are of her). I've always wished I lived in a more "photogenic" state (although that can obviously be disputed), but it got me thinking about how much I really have to be grateful for.

road trip: unexpected travels (ii)

Part 2 of my SoCal road trip series! You can read Part 1 here. On this leg, we drove from Santa Barbara to Long Beach, stopping in Downtown SB, the Getty Villa, and Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine

tips for polaroid beginners

I'd like to say I take Polaroids all the time, and I'm quite skilled at it, but only recently have I been lugging my camera around. I took several on my trip to SoCal, and thought I'd share some tips on how to take great Polaroids I've learned since then. 

road trip: diverse views (i)

I just got back from my 2 week long road trip to SoCal (you may have seen my packing tips here), and it was great! I have so many photos I'll have to post them in increments. In this post, Henry Colwell Redwoods, Carmel Mission, Bixby Bridge, and McWay Falls

wildfox love + thoughts on comments

You may have heard me profess my love for Wildfox multiple times already, but I'm gonna say it again: Wildfox, thank you for existing. And since I've been noticing this trend for ages, my thoughts on the generic, yet not spam comment

pacific coast highway road trip

I left on a road trip to SoCal a few days ago (note: I didn't actually pack today, this was written beforehand)! Specifically LA and San Diego. Here is what I'm thinking of bringing - because let's be honest, I'm always going to throw in a few "last minute" items - as well as how I would suggest packing

musings: platinum hair reactions + how appearance matters to me

It's been more than 3 months since I dyed my hair (you can read about the experience here), and although I'm used to it, there are times when I'm reminded other people still aren't

I've realized how much people judge based on appearance, and how it impacts us in our day to day lives. Somewhat scattered musings to follow. 

life lately: june

Every month, I collect photos I really like, but just don't seem significant enough to receive their own post. Introducing my month in photos, a collection of small moments that will "hopefully" turn into a unique snapshot I can look back on in a few years. 

one striped top, two ways

A while ago, I spent a whole day with one of my best friends. We're both into photography, so naturally, I still have many photos to post. I'm in love with this striped crop top, and I wore it two different ways that day. 

dressing classy at the beach

When I was in Paris, I bought this gorgeous midi dress from Zara. They had run out of my size, so I had to go up one, and I didn't get around to altering it until a few days ago - right in time for a beach trip!

musings: the importance of friends

A few days ago, I spent 24 hours with one of my friends. We hadn't really seen each other in a few months due to school, but it was really nice and we had a great time together. 

meet me + introduce yourselves!

The last few days I've been receiving tons of comments, and I love interacting with new people! I've been realizing I haven't formally introduced myself, so here's a little bit about me!

When I was little, I was always writing blogs (although they were very haphazardly thrown together). As I've grown up, it was just natural for me to begin documenting my life through journaling, photography, and eventually, another blog!

Alongside photography, I'm also a full time student! In my spare time I enjoy shopping (a little too much!), meeting new people, organizing and reorganizing my closet, reading magazines and books, and planning my ever-changing dream vacation. 

I hope to learn more about myself and other through my blog, as well as become more reflective and aware of the world around me. Thank you for joining me on my journey!

Please feel free to ask me questions and introduce yourself in the comments!

Where are you from, where do you hope to go, what do you do? Random facts, talents, stories are all welcome! Whatever you feel comfortable sharing is great. 

Excited to meet you all,



comfy casual outfit + photography adventures

I've finally taken the plunge and upgraded my 18-200mm kit lens! I bought a 50mm 1.4, as well as a 24-105mm L - still not ready to fully commit to a prime. I was so excited, I went out and took pictures with a friends as soon as possible in the comfiest t-shirt dress ever. 

the color run - tips and experience

Ever since I first heard of The Color Run, I've been dying to go! It seems like a fun run that anyone, even the less athletically inclined, can participate in. And it definitely was worth it!
After the jump, find out my tips and experience to make your run the "Happiest 5K"!

book review: fashion, art, and photography edition

Since I was little, I've rarely bought and kept books, because I would go through them so quickly it didn't make sense to spend money on something I'd read once. But now, I've started to appreciate certain "coffee table" books, and have started growing my collection again. 

This month, I'll be reviewing NYC: Basic Tips and Etiquette by Nathan Pyle, Isms by Stephan Little, The Teen Vogue Handbook, It, and Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton

how to get through finals week sane

For me, finals week is next week, and I'm definitely dreading it. I've been trying to study (mostly unsuccessfully), but hopefully I'll turn a new leaf in time to make it through my classes.

Here are some tips I've found helpful for concentrating, relaxing, and making it through finals (and dead week!)

my first time modeling + how to get started with your own clothing company

For a few years now, I've been into photography, and by association, a little bit of modeling as well. Modeling has always been an add-on, and it's something I'm not as good at, but happy to do.

Recently, it just so happened that someone I was shooting with started designing her own clothes! Referred to as S in this post, she asked me to model for her, here are some photos from our shoot as well as what I learned, after the jump.

what to wear for a fancy events (no heels or dresses!)

I admire anyone who can wear heels comfortably for longer than 3 hours. Personally, I can't, and haven't yet mastered how to walk on anything other than concrete. Don't even get me started on cobblestone.
Other days you just don't feel very dress-like - they definitely have more potential for wardrobe malfunctions.

If you have a fancy event coming up, and don't want to wear heels or a dress, keep reading for three outfits made for you!

where to get cute, cheap stickers + redbubble review

(Note: Some of this post has to do with feminism. I recognize that not all people identify with this idea, and that is fine. However, I request that you keep any negative comments about feminism to yourself. Thank you for respecting my views.) 

Recently, I was scrolling on Tumblr when I saw these super cute stickers promoting feminism, and I just had to get them! After Googling around, I decided to buy them from RedBubble. After the jump, read about my experience, and what I did with my stickers.

paris photo journal

I've been in love with Europe for a while, and I was so excited when I finally got a chance to go last summer! Since I'm hoping to go back in a few years, I was looking through my pictures, and wanted to share them with you guys, as well as give some advice on where to take photos in Paris. Next time, I'll be covering London as well.

part 3: the end result of white/silver hair

Note: This is Part 3 in a series. Here's Part 1 and Part 2. 

My (nearly) completed result! As you can see in the photo, there's still a bit of a yellow tinge. I haven't been able to tone it yet, as all the damage from four bleachings has finally showed up, and turned my hair into a gummy mess when wet. It feels elastic and gets easily tangled, so I've been giving it a break. I have to say, it came out better than I expected!

In this last post, I'll be covering what it's like to have platinum hair, how to work with your new hair, and upkeep/transitioning back. 

my experience with crossroads

     I've always been big on buying lightly used clothes for cheap, since it not only saves the environment, but my wallet as well. While I do like apps such as Poshmark or Vinted, it's never as great as actually going to a store and trying on clothes (stay tuned for a post about my experience on Poshmark). Enter Crossroads Trading Co, a mix between thrift shop and consignment store.

part 2: starting the journey from black to white/silver

NOTE: This is part 2 of a series. Part 1 covers how to make up your mind about dying your hair, I'd encourage reading it if you're still a little iffy. 

After I more or less made up my mind to dye my hair, I slept on it for a day. I would've slept longer on it, but Sally's was having a sale, and it was ending at midnight. Being the bargain hunter I am, I had to make up my mind then. This post will cover supplies, the stages of bleach, and my bleaching technique. 

what to wear for a beach day

Beach days are my favorite thing to do when the weather finally gets warm enough. I've never actually swam in the ocean, but just tanning in the sun with a bowl full of watermelon brings the best summer memories. It hasn't gotten warm enough here quite yet, but so soon.

To hopefully usher in the warm weather faster, here's an outfit I wore last time to the beach.