part 1: my journey from black to white/silver

I've been wanting to change up my hair lately. I've done streaks and ombré in the past, so this time I decided to do something really drastic. Drastic like nearly killing it with bleach and turning it silver!

Since it's a loooong process (I'm still not done!), I'll be breaking it up into bits. This first post will be about deciding whether it's a good look on you, which route to go, and finding inspiration.

I. Is it for you?

Count up the points on the boxes you would agree with, and use the chart below. These are just my opinions, and they should in no way deter you if you have a gut feeling that you'll love it! You know you way better than I would. 

0-10 pts - Mmmm, probably not
Based on your responses, I would not suggest trying this out if you don't have blonde hair already. It can be a huge transition, that takes up a lot of time and money, and why not spend that on something you know you'll love for sure?

10-15 pts - Hmmm, maybe
You seem like you're on the edge between loving it, and wanting to keep the same hair. I would suggest trying on a wig if possible, or downloading some apps to Photoshop your hair/face. I used Color Fashion, bc I needed something free, and that was all I could find at the moment, being too lazy to get on my laptop and use actual Photoshop. It could only lighten my black hair to gray w/o looking completely fake and missing the point. 

15-30 pts - Give it a shot
Go for it! You have most of the requirements (in my opinion) that would help make the time and money investment worth it! It seems like you'd really enjoy having white/silver hair, and it would suit you well. 

30+ pts - Don't even hesitate
If you agreed with almost everything listed, it will 99% be for you! I would still suggest using the wig/Photoshop/app method first; you can never be too sure. 

II. Which route to go?

Now that you've decided to go for it, congratulations! It can be a daunting process, but it'll definitely be worth it in the end. As far as I know, there are pretty much only 2 methods- at home or in a salon. You may be able to mix the two methods, although I haven't done that before, so I can't give advice on it. I will be talking mainly about my experience having done it at home,  and linking to a few helpful articles where it was done in a salon. 

At home:
This is definitely a cheaper way to do it, although it requires a lot more energy and thinking on your part. I was not in the mood to shell out more than $100, so I went this route. I watched a very helpful Youtube video, and went straight to buying all the products she mentioned. A little bit of a lazy approach, but it worked very well, and I read the reviews for each item. 

Also, it just so happened that Sally's (where I bought all my supplies) was having a 25% off sale, and I bought a membership card which gives you a special discounted price. I saved about $20! My total ended up being around $60. I will review and provide more details about which products I used, and how well they worked out for me in a separate post later. 

For at home, it's almost impossible to do by yourself. Bleach is a very tricky thing, you can't just slather it on like dye, and end up with an even hair tone. It will lighten differently based on heat from your head, and how much bleach you've put on. Take it from me, I tried to do it completely by myself the first dye, and ended up with stripe-y tiger hair. 

If you are very determined to do it yourself, or don't have anyone available to help, I would strongly suggest a hand mirror that enables you to see the sides and back of your head. 

In a salon:
Costs will obviously differ based on where you live, and what salon you go to, but as a general rule, I don't believe good salons will offer bleachings/lightenings at fewer than $75. You will also need to have it toned, and possibly cut if the damage is significant at the ends. This article is pretty helpful for money/time guidelines. 

III. Finding Inspiration

I was on the edge originally about dying my hair white/silver, bc I'm Asian, so I was wary of accidentally looking trashy with a tan and platinum hair. I also wasn't sure if it would flatter my skin tone. 

After multiple variations of Googling something like "asian white hair", "silver hair asian", and "platinum hair asian", I found a few gorgeous examples of what I hoped I would look like. I didn't focus so much on finding Caucasians with hair I liked, since it would not have been helpful to me, but I'm sure a quick search will turn up many results for you. Here are a few (Asian) hair inspirations:

Amy Pham:

Soojoo Park:

Hopefully you've gotten some help with making up your mind! I would definitely recommend sleeping on it a few days. Next time, a walkthrough of my actual process!



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