part 3: the end result of white/silver hair

Note: This is Part 3 in a series. Here's Part 1 and Part 2. 

My (nearly) completed result! As you can see in the photo, there's still a bit of a yellow tinge. I haven't been able to tone it yet, as all the damage from four bleachings has finally showed up, and turned my hair into a gummy mess when wet. It feels elastic and gets easily tangled, so I've been giving it a break. I have to say, it came out better than I expected!

In this last post, I'll be covering what it's like to have platinum hair, how to work with your new hair, and upkeep/transitioning back. 

1. What's platinum/white/silver hair like?

You get a lot more attention. The amount of spike will depend on you - I'm short, quiet, don't typically wear "out there" clothes, so it went up a lot for me. 

The first time I went out with my new hair, I didn't even make it 30 mins before being catcalled. If this is something that bothers you a lot and you don't want to deal with even more male attention, I wouldn't suggest this. However, my personal opinion is that catcalling isn't going to be stopped by women trying to hide themselves, it's men learning yelling at strangers isn't romantic or even acceptable. 

I felt like people were expecting me to be a certain type of person (in my mind this person was rude, edgy, and didn't follow the rules). I ended up overcompensating and being very polite all the time. 

You also start constantly worrying about roots growing out, and when you'll have time to bleach again. I'm already nervous about events coming up that I'll need to fix my hair for.

It also depends on how healthy your hair was, but it will most likely take longer to dry and style. When mine's wet, I have to spend extra time trying to finger comb, then using a wide-toothed comb, and finally a brush, but gently. 

2. What can I wear with my new hair?

This is by no means the only type of clothing that you can/should wear, and there are obviously more styles that would look good on white/silver hair. After dying my hair, I have a tendency to wear neutrals a lot more, mostly black, because of how well it pops. I like slightly edgier pieces, but still in the realm of normcore. 

Here are a few outfits I think would really compliment this look. 

Rima Valdila of Fire On The Head has a great style, mostly black and white. It's normcore, but a little on the edgy side. This outfit could easily be dressed up with a statement necklace and heels for a fancy event, or dressed down with a denim jacket and flats for school. 

This outfit is more lowkey and casual, perfect for running errands, or those days where you really don't want to think about what to wear. Vintage type high-waisted shorts can be found at thrift shops (if you're lucky!) or bought at almost any store! Brandy Melville has many shirts similar to the one worn in the picture. 

If you're a little more dressy/urban, I would recommend taking a look at @bestdressx on Instagram. Virtually all their outfits would look amazing with white/silver hair, and although they're from some pretty expensive places (most of us can't afford clothes from Moda Operandi), similar clothes can easily be found on Forever 21 or other more affordable options. I would wear this to a dinner with friends, or even to school. 

I styled my hair with mostly black and darker colors. I wanted the focus to be on my hair, and this way it would really pop. Being short, I prefer high waisted anything, and tucking in the shirt extends my legs even more. I'm really loving hats with a wider brim lately, so I borrowed stole this Urban Outfitters one from my friend. 

I've had a long time obsession with collared shirts, and this one even had cute details like a seam on the front, and buttons going down the back. Extra bonus, I can even wear it backwards and it looks like another shirt! I bought it from Forever 21. 

Almost all my denim is from American Eagle. They're the only brand that carries jeans with shorter inseams that are actually short - other brands are still a few inches too long. Plus, they're constantly having sales and their denim is so stretchy and comfortable! I'm moving around all day, so I wouldn't be able to last 8 hours in skin tight, uncomfortable jeans. 

3. What's the upkeep like? How can I transition back to my normal hair color?

A few days after I finished my bleachings, I noticed my roots growing back already! It was terrible, and I hated to think that I would potentially mess up all my work again when I go back to touch up. 

Upkeep is definitely a chore. I haven't reached the 4-6 weeks milestone where it's suggested to retouch, but I would advise waiting for when you have longer than a weekend off. This is because it's never good to double process any part of your hair, and you wanna have a little buffer time in case it turns out terribly bad and you have to fix it somehow before interacting with civilization. 

To keep my hair somewhat healthy, I rub in coconut oil after showers. I've reduced the times I shampoo, and when I do, I make sure to always use moisturizing conditioner. 

Transitioning back to your normal hair color will obviously depend on what that is. Lighter hair will be easier; just ease back on the purple shampoo, or dye your hair back. Darker hair is tougher. Since you've spent all that time lightening your hair, you might as well pick another color to dye it. 

I personally really like Amanda Steele's hair color here, although I'm not sure how it would look on my darker skin tone. 

Camie Juan of Wild Spirit has pink hair that's to die for. The only thing I would be worried about is root growth, as you can see in her photos as well. 

You can also simply buy a box dye closest to your natural color, and slap that on! After managing bleach, dye should be much easier. I would rather pick a shade lighter, because then when it grows out, it'll look like a very natural ombr√©. 

I hope this series has helped you out! If you have any questions about my process or in general, please do ask in the comments!



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