what to wear for a fancy events (no heels or dresses!)

I admire anyone who can wear heels comfortably for longer than 3 hours. Personally, I can't, and haven't yet mastered how to walk on anything other than concrete. Don't even get me started on cobblestone.
Other days you just don't feel very dress-like - they definitely have more potential for wardrobe malfunctions.

If you have a fancy event coming up, and don't want to wear heels or a dress, keep reading for three outfits made for you!
collared shirt + dark wash jeans + oxfords
pros: lots of movement, can be dressed down for hanging out after, looks good w hair up or down
cons: can get hot with a tank under, collars + jackets are difficult, half tuck falls out
wear to: business events, conferences, after-work meetings
details: shirt - hollister, jeans - american eagle, oxfords - dv by dolce vita

A few months back, I had a wedding, and wore this. I know, a shirt and pants to a wedding? But this was a special occasion, as I was working as a photography assistant, and needed maximum movement, while still looking put together.

I was able to put my hair into a ponytail (this was pre-lob) while maintaining the look, and didn't risk wardrobe malfunctions. 

I considered wearing flats at first, but decided I didn't want to risk the embarrassment of losing a shoe while running around, so I went with oxfords instead. Fun fact - the shoes are called oxfords, and the details on it are called broguing. Although it seems they're somewhat interchangeable? 

black chiffon tee + black pom-pom trim shorts + leopard d'orsay flats
pros: doesn't show stain easily, slimming, accessorize to your hearts content
cons: a lot of black, flats can slip off, cannot sneak due to accessories clicking
wear to: girls' night out, eating out, date night
details: shirt - nordstrom (lush), shorts - urban outfitters (ecote), flats - steve madden

Some days, all black is the only way to go. I love how chic black on black is, and the leopard flats keep the outfit from being too dark. I would encourage lots of accessories in this outfit to make it more visually interesting as well.

I'd been in love with these leopard print flats ever since I first saw them on Youtuber Eva Gutowski's Instagram, and I finally got them during Black Friday last year! Steve Madden always has these surprise sale cards they give out in store, and I happened to get one for 30% off. Unfortunately, the shoes hurt my feet when I wear them for too long. They ripped up the backs of my heels very bad the first time, and it was slightly better the second time I coaxed myself into wearing them, but I still haven't been able to spend a whole day in them.

pink maxi shirt + white cropped sweater + t-strap sandals
pros: unshaved legs are ok, skirt flows behind you like a goddess, ultimate twirling power
cons: tripping is likely, wind can blow the skirt the wrong way, hard to dance
wear to: garden party, brunch, daytime date
details: skirt - forever21, sweater - h&m, sandals - sam edelman

While technically, a skirt is very similar to a dress, with a maxi skirt, you have no possibility of flashing anyone, and wardrobe malfunctions are limited. The flowy aspect can be challenging - it'll either flow behind you as you walk, or the wind will blow it so it sticks to the back of your legs in a not completely flattering way. 

In the summer, I swap out the sweater for a thinly striped crop top. This also dresses it down, and makes it perfect for school or work!

I wore this outfit to a ballet, and it was absolutely perfect. It was in the city at night, so it was a little chilly outside and in the theater, but the skirt covered my legs and kept them decently warm. It looked great with a tan leather jacket. 

Hopefully these outfits have proven you don't need to wear heels or a dress in order to look put together for special occasions! Do you have anything coming up you'd be able to wear outfits like these to? What's your go-to special occasion uniform?

Let me know in the comments!



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