where to get cute, cheap stickers + redbubble review

(Note: Some of this post has to do with feminism. I recognize that not all people identify with this idea, and that is fine. However, I request that you keep any negative comments about feminism to yourself. Thank you for respecting my views.) 

Recently, I was scrolling on Tumblr when I saw these super cute stickers promoting feminism, and I just had to get them! After Googling around, I decided to buy them from RedBubble. After the jump, read about my experience, and what I did with my stickers.

Redbubble is a website where artists submit designs, and you can buy them printed on stickers, laptop and phone cases, and almost anything you can think of. You could probably have your whole apartment decked out in one Redbubble print.

The stickers range from $2-$4 usually, but after 6, they become 50% off. Much more reasonably priced then. Shipping was about $2.50, which I find pretty overpriced considering it took about a week and a half to deliver, the shipping address was quite close to where I live, and it comes in a small, unpadded envelope. As a reference, when I ship clothes I've sold online, it's about $2.10 for a large padded envelope (8 oz - about 2 iPhone 5's).

They arrive in twos, like pictured above. I'm kind of tempted to order an odd number to see how they print them. 

Some of them are cut closer to the design, while others have a large white space around them. 

The material is smooth and seems like it would hold up even if wet. It's definitely not vinyl though, so I wouldn't recommend putting this on anything that regularly is wet. 

I didn't like how the borders were differently sized on each sticker, so I went ahead and trimmed most of them off. It also saves a lot more space so I can cram more of them onto my laptop. 

The stickers seem somewhat tough to remove, so I first laid everything out on my laptop the way I was planning to stick them on. 

I have to say I really like how unique they make my laptop look now, although the proximity of "Love Your Body" to the Apple logo is sort of bothering me. A tip for future use would be to keep your laptop on, so you know where the logo is. 

Personally, I'd love to receive stickers like these as a birthday or holiday present. They're on the cheap side, but still show you've thought about their likes and dislikes and really know them as a person. 

Are you planning to get any stickers from RedBubble or other sites in the future? Will they be for yourself or others? Let me know in the comments!



(Disclaimer: I was not reimbursed in anyway for my stickers from Redbubble. All opinions are my own). 


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