road trip: unexpected travels (ii)

Part 2 of my SoCal road trip series! You can read Part 1 here. On this leg, we drove from Santa Barbara to Long Beach, stopping in Downtown SB, the Getty Villa, and Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine

tips for polaroid beginners

I'd like to say I take Polaroids all the time, and I'm quite skilled at it, but only recently have I been lugging my camera around. I took several on my trip to SoCal, and thought I'd share some tips on how to take great Polaroids I've learned since then. 

road trip: diverse views (i)

I just got back from my 2 week long road trip to SoCal (you may have seen my packing tips here), and it was great! I have so many photos I'll have to post them in increments. In this post, Henry Colwell Redwoods, Carmel Mission, Bixby Bridge, and McWay Falls

wildfox love + thoughts on comments

You may have heard me profess my love for Wildfox multiple times already, but I'm gonna say it again: Wildfox, thank you for existing. And since I've been noticing this trend for ages, my thoughts on the generic, yet not spam comment

pacific coast highway road trip

I left on a road trip to SoCal a few days ago (note: I didn't actually pack today, this was written beforehand)! Specifically LA and San Diego. Here is what I'm thinking of bringing - because let's be honest, I'm always going to throw in a few "last minute" items - as well as how I would suggest packing

musings: platinum hair reactions + how appearance matters to me

It's been more than 3 months since I dyed my hair (you can read about the experience here), and although I'm used to it, there are times when I'm reminded other people still aren't

I've realized how much people judge based on appearance, and how it impacts us in our day to day lives. Somewhat scattered musings to follow. 

life lately: june

Every month, I collect photos I really like, but just don't seem significant enough to receive their own post. Introducing my month in photos, a collection of small moments that will "hopefully" turn into a unique snapshot I can look back on in a few years.