wildfox love + thoughts on comments

You may have heard me profess my love for Wildfox multiple times already, but I'm gonna say it again: Wildfox, thank you for existing. And since I've been noticing this trend for ages, my thoughts on the generic, yet not spam comment

sweatshirt - Wildfox, shorts - Ecote, shoes - Vans
I had an idea a while ago, and since this post is going to be a bit scattered, I think I'll include it here, buried in the middle of my post to see who actually reads through it (I'll admit I don't always read every word of the posts I comment on).

Lately, I've been getting a ton of generic comments that don't mean too much. I hope this isn't taken the wrong way, I very much appreciate each and every one of you that has managed to navigate over to my site, out of all the ones you could've picked, read/skim/looked at my pictures, and taken the time to comment. It's sometimes so shocking to imagine that strangers out there could care enough to give away a little part of their life to me! Maybe a bit dramatized, but you get the feel.

I'm not talking about comments like, "Great post! Check my blog out?" - I don't usually publish those. I'm talking about ones that were probably written just based on my pictures and/or post title. For instance, if I have an outfit post, they'll be something like, "I love your outfit! You're gorgeous!", or "Nice photos!". 

Obviously, there's nothing wrong with these types of comments, they're wonderful and lovely, and I want to reiterate that I really appreciate any kind of feedback from anyone. It's just, after reading about 30 of these, they get a little dry. When I read a more personal, interesting comment, it really warms me up inside because that person not only actually read my writing, but also cared enough to generate a thoughtful comment that connected our experiences somehow. 

I have to say May of the Mayden and Bash from Hey Bash do this veerrrry well (if you guys are reading this, thanks so much for all the kind comments you've left me!). I frequently see their comments on other blogs I visit, so I know they're all around star commenters! I honestly get so excited when I read their comments. 

So here's just an idea I'm throwing out there. For the next 5 blogs you visit, actually spend time to read their posts, and create a personal and thoughtful comment. You don't have to write a paragraph, but just a little more than "Nice photos! You look great!" is so appreciated. 

After 5 blogs, you do you! I have to say sometimes when I just can't think of anything to comment, I fall into the "generic but not spam" category for comments. 

For this post, if you guys would like to participate, let me know what you think about these types of comments

If you don't really want to put your opinion out there, that's totally fine. Tell me a story or fact about yourself, give me recommendations about what to eat/watch/try, rant about something that's driving you nuts. If you'd still just like to comment on my outfit, great - try and tell me one thing you'd change about if if you were the one wearing it (hair, accessories, shoes, clothes, whatever!)

The comments section on this one is a free for all!




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