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The Bay Area has been having one of those mood swings, weather wise. It can't make up its mind whether it's summer or fall, and as a result, it's sweater weather one day, and the devil's armpit the other

I've been caught between two feelings lately as well - sometimes I love my body, and other days I don't. 

I feel like body image is such a relevant thing that most women (and men) experience at some point. We are just bombarded with images and ideas of what the ideals of our time are, and it has been in the media for quite some time now.

For me, I've always accepted and known that celebrities or models are airbrushed and have a giant makeup team as well. I know that they're not "real". Of course, I still wish I had Emma Stone's amazing green eyes, or Alexa Chung's messy chic hair, but for the most part, I've accepted they're pretty unattainable for the average person's budget.

What's really difficult for me, is that many people I know in real life (who definitely do not have makeup teams or limitless budgets) have the body shape that I'd love to have. It just seems like they can wear whatever they'd like, and not have to worry their "flaws". I would spend so long in the mirror every morning, looking from every angle if this outfit made me look fat, and how I could make myself look skinnier. I remember I would sometimes run out of time to eat breakfast, because of how long picking an outfit took.

On the flip side, sometimes I'll just be so happy with how I look and I'll fall in love with how my hips are wide and my thighs are full, how I can get away with not wearing a bra because I have basically no boobs, how tight and firm my waist is (thanks Netflix workouts!).

Wearing: BDG grey tank (similar), Kimchi Blue turquoise bralette, Bullhead boyfriend jeans (similar), BP. white cardigan (similar), Converse.

If you're struggling to love your body, here are a few things that really helped me.

Accepting that the way you look is mostly out of your control
This was pretty important for me, as I always thought if I maybe exercised more, or ate less, I could get the body I wanted. Aside from the fact that not eating as much as you should is torturous and unhealthy, dieting is very hard and doesn't actually keep the weight off, as your body goes into a "starvation mode" and hangs onto every last calorie.

Of course, this doesn't mean don't exercise or eat healthy! Finding your personal balance is a difficult thing, and I'm still in the process of figuring out what works for me, as I don't have the patience to make traditionally healthy food, nor do I really like going to the gym.

Surrounding yourself with positive people
Most people have at least one friend who isn't happy with his or her body, and makes it very clear to everyone in the nearby vicinity. It can get really tiring to be around those types of people, especially because you may feel the obligation to tell them how wrong they are each time they complain about themselves. I'm always caught between wanting to be a good friend, and being slightly unsure if they're truly down about themselves, or just hoping for compliments.

In any case, it does nothing for building up my self esteem. When I'm around people that don't talk about their bodies negatively, or at all, we're much more at ease and happier as well, I've found. I don't completely cut those friends off, I just find myself changing the topic when it turns to lamenting the body they wish they had.

Find what you love about yourself
There is bound to be at least one thing you love about yourself, so focus on that when you're feeling down about other things! For me, it's my lips and my collarbones - I like wearing barely there lipstick, and boatneck tops. I've recently started appreciating my smaller chest - so I can't really dance in a strapless dress, but I can wear pretty bralettes and sleep on my stomach!

bralette, cardigan - bp, tank - bdg, jeans - pacsun, belt - a&f

All in all, I think being okay with who you are is on going process, and there'll be good days and bad days. Here's your cliché of the day - just enjoy the journey. Body image is a huge thing, and I didn't feel that the photos were right for a deeper, "throwing my thoughts out there" type of post, but maybe in the future!

On a side note, I feel as though my content has been a little lacking at the moment, and I apologize for that (especially as I just wrote my "relaunch" post)! I'm sure you've already heard my excuses, but school truly is a huge chunk of time. Counting down the days until Thanksgiving break!

What are your tips for dealing with body image? Do you struggle with it, or did you in the past? What's your favorite thing about yourself?




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