what it's like to be an introvert

I've always loved reading my horoscope and taking personality tests, something about seeing my qualities and possible future listed out on paper just seems so interesting to me. With the dozens of personality tests I've taken, I almost always get "Introvert" (possibly just because they never seem to have Ambivert as an option), which seems to have a bit of a negative connotation. But here's what it really means.

It seems that being classified as an introvert isn't a good thing in today's society. We're associated with being antisocial, unable to make friends, or loners. Being able to work well in groups is basically a requirement for doing well in school. But like most stereotypes, there are a few things that should be cleared up.

What being an introvert really means
The definition of being an introvert is something along the lines of enjoying time alone, and feeling tired after being around people too long. Nowhere does it state that introverts have to be quiet, bookish, timid, hesitant, or any other things commonly associated with this trait. 

For me, being an introvert means that I'm perfectly happy staying home alone with a good book, and after a while, I get tired of being "on" around people. Talking to strangers and making conversation is something I can do, and have gotten pretty good at, but I will reach a point where I don't want to talk anymore, simply because it's tiring for me to think of the "right" thing to say

Working in groups can be difficult for me, as I often censor what I say to follow the general consensus. Other times, I end up taking a leadership role, because I'm a perfectionist, and always feel like I can do things the best and quickest way. I wish education placed more importance on individual learning, as it's just as important to be able to think and problem solve with no one to bounce ideas off of. 

Introvert or Extrovert? Maybe Ambivert!
Personally, I'm not very comfortable being the center of attention, because I never know how to act. Do I act humble, or is that stuck up to try and down play things (does that even make sense)? Do I smile and enjoy it, or is that arrogant? There are just too many things to think about, and I would rather be in the background.

That's probably an odd thing, given my hair color, and how it stands out. I think it's me wanting to stand out a little, to show people that I'm not that nerdy Asian girl.

Recently, I've been thinking that maybe I'm an ambivert - neither introvert, nor extrovert. I've mentioned that people think I'm quiet to my friends, and they all laugh and say that's not true. But people I don't know well have actually said, "So that's what your voice sounds like", when I talk to them.
Wearing: Glamorous red sweater (similar), American Eagle boy jean (similar), Paprika cat flats (similar).

(A digression) The brightest thing I've ever worn...
Is definitely this sweater! Being an introvert (ish), and not wanting to draw too much attention to myself (usually), I tend to favor neutrals and dark colors. But this sweater was on sale at Urban Outfitters, and I can't resist soft, chunky sweaters.

A funny story about the day we shot this - the week before it was in the high 90s, and disgustingly hot. Come the weekend, it goes down to 70 and it's cloudy, so the first thing I do is go outside and shoot some photos! Definitely the opposite of most people.

I'm also hoping the bright red makes Christmas come sooner!

What to know if you're an extrovert, friends with an introvert
We are the most amazing listeners ever. We (probably) won't interrupt you, even if your rants go on for ages, because we'll be thinking for the perfect thing to say. We'd appreciate if you could do the same for us, though it's understandable that you may want to speak your mind at that moment.

Sometimes we might get a little tired of talking, and silences are almost always comfortable with us. We like long, deep conversations, and look for friends to truly bond with. Once you've passed a certain year with us, we'll likely be lifelong friends (wow, aren't you lucky!!!!).

On the cons side, we may not tell you immediately if something is bugging us, and you might have to fish it out, or interpret body language. This is definitely something I've been working on, though confrontations can be hard!

-end pseudo horoscope like section (did I make you want to gag?).

Some life updates (to conclude this wordy post)
School is definitely in full swing for me now! My favorite class is probably Art History, I feel more educated and high brow just being in that class.

There are several artist types in my class as well, they sit and sketch in class with their leather notebooks, and come to school with impeccable lipstick everyday. Can I just say, goals. 

Do you know if you're an introvert, ambivert, or extrovert? What Myer-Briggs model do you fall into (if you don't know, there is an amazing, free site here)? What do you struggle with in daily interactions?




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