6 ways to stay heathy for lazy people

Like most people, I strive to be healthy, and somewhat fit. Unlike most people though, I expect my fitness to come naturally, and without sweat à la Taylor Swift exiting her ballet class looking more perfect than I ever have been. 

But as Taylor and I do not share the same gene pool, and therefore the same ability to not sweat, I've developed a few tactics for staying healthy and fit when you're as lazy as I am

1. Daily workout videos
I originally found Cassey Ho through her The "Perfect Body video, and I've been doing some of her videos every day. I typically do a couple on the same day, call it quits, and go back to my Netflix marathon. Baby steps right?
I also try to incorporate yoga as well - and no, that's not just because I want to be able to do those funky poses to post on Instagram. The idea of a form of working out that doesn't emphasize speed, lifting weight, or endurance is so appealing to me, and we all need to take it slower on some days. 

2. Stretching everyday
I try to stretch in the morning after I get up, and before I go to bed. I've stayed flexible enough to put my palms flat on the ground (this is my one somewhat impressive athletic feat), meaning I'm completely capable of picking things off the ground in my tight skinny jeans
On a more practical note, stretching minimizes the chances of injury, especially tearing muscles and tendons. It's helpful for getting rid of tight spots, which I'm sure we all get from crouching over our laptops or desks. 
Although honestly, what's more practical than not having to bending your knees to pick up things?

3. Drinking lots of water
Yes, you will have to pee a lot. And if you are in tight knit environment, your teacher/professor/boss may check in to see if you have bladder issues. But, you'll have shiny hair, clear skin, more energy, and better metabolism. Definitely worth it!
Frequently, when you feel hungry, you're actually thirsty. I've developed a habit of drinking a glass of water whenever I think I'm hungry, and if I still feel those pangs after a few minutes, I eat something.
Disclaimer - I do this because I don't have a very active lifestyle, if you're one of those types that runs for fun, disregard this. Also why do you do things like that?? I simply don't understand.

4. Snacks and small meals
I love my sleep, and I'm terrible at making real breakfasts - especially in these cooler months when I'm up before the sun. This leaves me hungry long before lunch, and these gluten free snack bars are the best. The company behind them, Natural Balance Foods, has a great philosophy - bringing you Whole Foods quality 100% vegan bars at prices the average student can actually afford. 
I've eaten more Nakd (*) bars than cookies this week, and that really says something! The flavors are surprisingly true to the names;  my favorites were Ginger Bread and Apple Crunch. 

5. Exercising with friends
The majority of the times when my friends and I get together to workout, we do something low intensity, so we can talk, or just enjoy each other's companies. Hiking and yoga are favorites, especially a trip to Yogurtland or Pinkberry afterwards. 

6. Rewarding yourself
I'm not naturally athletic, and I can't imagine working out purely for the fun of it. For me, I workout because I have goals I want to accomplish: being able to run a mile in under 8 minutes, being more toned, and being able to do the splits. To help me reach these goals, I reward myself with small shopping trips, being able to sleep in, or watching another episode of How To Get Away With Murder (thanks May for getting me hooked!)
The best reward is being happy with what you've achieved, whether that be a qualitative accomplishment, or a generally better self image. 

An Update:
Apologies for the slow post! I feel like I'm beginning to sound like a teen YouTuber with all my excuses as to why my content has been slowing down. 

I've been a little up and down emotionally this week, and it seems the more I pushed myself to come up with some amazing long form post about a deep topic, it just wouldn't come. My inner monologue is just one long string of "AAAAA!!!", yet I didn't want to do a roundup post, as that just doesn't seem to fit my blog. 

I'm also considering starting some sort of short weekly podcast, where I just ramble and talk about my day, because I feel like my posts seem to focus largely on huge events. I'm not sure if that would be odd though - listening to a stranger on the internet ramble on. Maybe short of a "coffee break post" column instead?

What are your tips for staying healthy? What's your proudest accomplishment (athletic or not)? Podcast - yes or no?



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