it's just peachy

It's been a wonderful few days, though very hectic as well. I haven't written a lifestyle type post in a while, where I just talk about what's new, and it seems like with the start of a new month, this is a common theme throughout the blogging community.

Plus, a lil poem I wrote a few years back - and am still quite proud of to this day. 
A mens-wear inspired white blazer paired with stripes and oxfords
My Halloween weekend was busy in the best way. On Friday, I went to Halloween Haunt with a friend; I was a bit apprehensive as my horror threshold is pretty low. The only horror movies I've seen are The Purge, the older Poltergeist, and The Woman In Black. My sole reason for being able to sit through these was that it was highly unlikely to actually happen to me, or the I knew the visual effects wouldn't be as realistic.

There were "mazes" set up, each with a different theme - an insane asylum, toy factory, zombies at a high school, that sort of thing. As with most amusement parks, getting there early is key. We got through a decent amount within the first 30 minutes, then the lines became astronomically long, and it wasn't as fun because of all the people, and it didn't feel as haunted

Fall lip colors paired with summer whitesFull length shot of a mens-wear inspired outfit
Wearing: Silence&Noise white blazer (similar), BP. striped crop tee (similar), American Eagle hi-rise jeggings, DV by Dolce Vita oxfords, BP. gold pendant necklace (similar)

Beforehand, I had the genius idea of watching Buzzfeed videos of ghosts, researching MacKamey Manor, and Googling criminals in my area. Good one, Angelina.

With more people and a decreasing horror factor, I had a better time appreciating the sets. There's so much detail and thought that goes into everything, though sometimes I favor a more minimalistic type of horror. A blinking eye behind a curtain, or a long dark hallway are more intimidating for me than jump scares and zombies.

On Halloween Eve (if there is such a thing), I watched Psycho with friends. I admit to shying away from older movies, because of the black and white factor, and how different they are from movies nowadays.

The pace is a lot slower, and obviously the visual effects are not as advanced, so they told the story in other ways. The scenes in which Lila is driving, and voices are heard were different and an interesting take. The reminded me of how the characters would speak directly to the camera in House of Cards

Brown Dolce Vita oxfords

I couldn't help noticing how her teeth weren't completely straight - which is so odd now, since almost everyone where I live is obsessed with teeth. Apparently, it's an American thing?

I would definitely watch more old movies when I'm more inclined to think, rather than just to relax. I feel like they're more like pieces of art that require and deserve your full attention.

Casually rolled sleeves dress down a blazer

My first day of November was spent running around - taking pictures, then later, trying to find my phone. Serina and I have shot previously, and this time we planned a monster meet up - I have 5 outfit series from this day! It was lovely, and I really enjoyed it. More on that later.

I love having blogger friends.

The not so lovely part? Losing my phone. I dropped it while crossing the train tracks, and didn't get it back until 2 days later when the stranger who found it called the number I had texted to my phone. I had just been about to erase all the data and buy a new one - thankfully I didn't have to deplete my Black Friday funds

Juxtaposed mens-wear against a pink wall

And in case you read through this whole post waiting to hear my stab at poetry, I couldn't disappoint. Heck, I even read it in case you wanted to listen to it, because I think poetry is best appreciated out loud. Preferably when the speaker doesn't have a severe congestion and a bit of vocal fry. But oh well. 

it’s the flush of your cheeks
after a day in the sun,
long palm lined streets,
or grabbing fresh from the oven, a cinnamon bun.
it’s the taste of names
like Jane, Grace, or Kate,
and the sense of homework
finished far before the due date.

it’s turkish delight, piled high on a dish,
and also the hope
of a shooting star wish.
it’s the texture of an inside joke,
laughing with your best friends
or the sweet zing of sipping a Coke.

it’s all things girly, 
like charms, hearts, and bows,
buying new books,
or bright polish on toes. 
it’s milky polaroids,
saved in envelopes and drawers,
also lush, white, carpeted floors.

it’s the sound of the hours before the summer bell rings,
the rush of a bungee jump,
and the elation shopping brings. 
it’s finding the time to try out baking,
drinking a glass of cold milk,
or finishing a run, shaking.

it’s picking strawberries not yet ripe,
and finally being happy,
with your own body type.
it’s running through the waves at the beach,
or sleeping under the stars,
it’s just peachy.  

How has November been for you so far? Classic movie recommendations? Podcast/reading thoughts (I'm hoping to get a bit better and less monotonous haha)?



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