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I'm on break! Finally! Not that finals were that bad with the minimal amount of studying I did, but it's still nice to be able to sleep into till whenever. I took advantage of my free time to sort out some of my old clothes that I've wanted to sell and take pictures of them as well.

As I pulled out each article of clothing, I got a bit nostalgic. At one point, I loved all these clothes dearly, and through selling them, I hope someone else will love them as much.

shoes worn throughout: sam edelman gigi sandle in saddle, vans white slip ons, steve madden elusionl leopard d'orsay flats

All paths start at Abercrombie
My earliest love was Abercrombie. Of course it was! I cringe at how much I spent there, and the over priced sweatshirts and hoodies I've collected over the years. Now, I still shop at Abercrombie, but only the sale section.

They've come a long way since their earlier years, no longer carrying garish colors and logos across the chest, and instead stocked with minimalist and boho pieces, with the occasional ode to the earlier years with some colorful graphics.

How many likes can I get?
Then I became a fan of tumblr and Pinterest style - this was before Brandy Melville. It's hard to explain to someone who doesn't know, but the vibe is strong once you've seen it. Each outfit was carefully curated, and while none of it is as bad as my graphic tee/teen retailer stage, it's no longer me.

Some of it was bows and pink, as well as some more edgy outfits. I still really like some of these comfy summer tops, but they're just hard to pair with other things. I end up only wearing them with the same pair of shorts, a few times over a season.

No, those aren't the same skirt
Up until this point, I was pretty opposed to skirts. I just didn't like how they restricted me, how I had to watch how I was sitting, and be limited to walking, maybe lightly jogging if it wasn't windy. Then I figured out how much comfier it was to have non restrictive fabric, and I fully embraced skirts.

White lace ones were my favorite, up until I discovered black skater skirts, and marveled at how they'd match with anything!

Rose gold's younger cousin
When a friend remarked on how I mostly wore "boring" clothes, I tried the bright and bold route for a while. Though I liked how empowered it made me feel, it was again difficult to match with, and I worried about attracting too much negative attention as well.

I've reserved my brights for jewel tones, so it's a little more mature, and I wouldn't feel as odd bumping into a teacher or friends' parents. Although I'm still kind of in love with my neoprene skater skirt.

No longer hiding behind the door when the mailman comes
Sometime within this era, I discovered loungewear that wasn't my ratty Target pjs or ill-fitting, but comfy sweats. Not that I've thrown either of those out. But on days when I'm in between wanting to look polished but not wanting to try, or going out for a few errands, I pull out these looks.

Along with boyfriend jeans, I've discovered a whole slew of bottoms that are cute and comfy at the same time! Who knew? Now I can eat as much as I want.

Why my closet is overflowing
I have no idea what to describe my style as now. When people I ask, I dole out a handful of adjectives: feminine, minimal, boho, glam, casual. It's a melting pot of styles, depending on the day. I swing between polished and messy, feminine and androgynous, glitzy and earthy.

It's one of the reasons I always have clothes I'm getting tired of, though maybe one day I'll manage to truly cull my closet. For now, the neat bags of clothes past is comfortably wedged in the depths of my closet.

Please fund my shopping (;
Almost all clothes worn in this post are for sale - hah see what I did there, now you've got to buy them. You can find them on my Vinted, as well as some more goodies, though I've also linked beneath each photos. If you message me and let me know you're from the blog, I'd love to give a discount!

If you're a little tight on cash, I take PayPal as well, since prices are higher on Vinted due to the commission fee. Or if you're outside of the US, and see something you really like, send me an email as well (angeeleena34@gmail.com)!

I hope I'll get to share some of my past loves with you all.

What was your favorite outfit (see more of them here)? How has your style evolved through the years? Do you sell your clothes? Holiday plans?




p.s. Happy holidays! We're going the uncoventional route and celebrating Christmas through a family dinner, no tree or presents. Excuse the lack of festivities on the blog!

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