2016: looking back and ahead

The first few days of a new year are always a bit disorientating for me.

On one hand, I want to savor the past, look back on what I learned - hindsight is always 20/20. On the other, I want to look forward, become the person I've always wanted to be, make this year the one I finally achieve my goals.

So here's a little bit of both.

Since we've all surely been inundated with "best of" and roundup posts, I'll keep this short and sweet.

What I'm proud of:
1. Finally starting my blog! It was an idea that I kicked around a bit, and I'm glad I did it. It gave me purpose when I was feeling down, and I've learned so much, just sitting at my computer and clicking away, both about myself and how things work in other places.

2. Getting better at some resolutions I made a couple of years back. Being more fit is a common resolution for many, and I'm starting to make good on that - better late than never. I'm also sketching more, and not being as harsh on my appearance as I used to be.

3. Holding myself accountable financially, and generating more of an income through photography. I've always loved shopping, which creates a sizable dent in my wallet, but this year, 40% of what I spent was directly from the money I've made selling my clothes.

Wearing: Cooperative red toggle coat (similar), Zara checkered top (similar), Gap Petite black 1969 legging jean, Sam Edelman Felicia black flats

Improvements to be made:
1. Being more vocal and honest about my thoughts. Both in the class and in my day-to-day relationships, my inner monologue is far greater and richer than what I'll actually say out loud. This has contributed to my being seen as a quiet, Asian girl, which I've tried to rebel against with my hair and becoming more outspoken, but I think there's still a while to go.

2. Being more understanding and empathetic of others. I tend to rush to conclusions, and I don't think about what others are going through as often as I should. I hesitate to be labelled as "nice", because I'm afraid of what that will mean in terms of how others treat me, but I'm trying to find a balance.

3. Living in the now. At each phase in life, there's something unique and special to be experienced. I don't want to rush through the phase I'm at now, just because the next one has promises of a grown-up flat in the city or a cushy job. Not that those are guaranteed anyways!

Things I'm mulling over for the blog:
1. Bringing in other voices. Since April, this blog has been my own space, my personal soap box. But it's more difficult for me to think of what to write about, and I'm hoping to start some collaborations, interviews, and guest posts. Shoot me an email if you're interested!

2. Shorter posts. I tend to write a lot, even when I consciously remind myself not too. So I'm thinking of bringing in a shorter post at the start of the week, and a longer, typical one towards Thursday or Friday.

3. How much personal information I want to share. With connecting online, there's a fine line between wanting to be authentic and real, and needing to be safe. I've only felt comfortable sharing my first name and last initial, my face, and my general location. But I've been thinking about age, and whether that really matters - most people don't assume correctly, and I'm fine with that, but is it a vital part of myself?

I hope everyone's new year has been lovely! What things do you have in store for your blog or life? What do you think about the changes I'm thinking of bringing in?



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