5 accessories to complete an outfit

Me a few months ago would've scoffed at the idea of paying more than $10 for accessories. I considered them "add ons" to the main ensemble, and would rather drop $50 for a basic tee, than $20 for a pair of studs.

But I stand corrected. The little things really do make a difference, so here are 5 accessories that can elevate your look instantly.

Pearl earrings

They may seem a bit antiquated, but that's the best part. With things that have such strong associations, it's easy to upend the typical ideas attached to them, and create something of your own. Overalls are no longer reserved for farmers, and sneakers are regularly paired with dresses.

Why delegate pearl studs to special events only?

Statement bag
More often than not, I wake up behind schedule and can't figure out what to wear. I give up, and throw on a simple top and jeans, which is easily given more interest with a statement bag.

'Statement' can mean different things to different people - it could be a unique cut, color, detail. Whatever floats your boat!

I picked an animal bag from Sammydress, because dogs are the sweetest. The prices are quite low, and the quality isn't too bad for what you pay. Shipping took a while, and the tracking isn't always accurate, so order ahead of time. The bag itself is made of decent material, a bit plastic-y, but it seems like it'll hold up. When I received it, there was some fraying on the zippers, so light use would be best here.

Mixed earrings

My favorite thing to do with earring packs, especially studs, is to mix them together. I'm always losing single pairs, so this works out well for me too!

You can even do it by accident, and people will assume you're on top of the trends.

Eye-catching necklace

Nordstrom BP. stone choker (similar, more similar)

Undoubtedly, my favorite necklace of all time. It's a conversation piece, without being too in your face. It slips on easily with a slightly bendy wire "chain", and it's held up well so far.

I like to wear it with tops that show off my collarbone.

Layering necklace

With bright or busy outfits, a simple chain necklace can be the best compliment. A lariat necklace is adjustable to all lengths, so it works perfectly with any neckline.

The quality of this one is beyond what I expected for the price. It's similar to more expensive brands, and would be great if you were looking to try out a trend.

What are your essentials for adding interest to your outfit? Which one was your favorite? Do you have a signature item, scent, or look?



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