giveaway! angelina is x polette

Have you been collecting some good karma? Now's the time to use it!

I'm finally hosting a giveaway! It seems as almost a "rite of passage" for being a blogger, along with first "free" product or brand collaboration. Nonetheless, exciting things are coming up, like my partnership with Polette.

 In California, sunglasses are more or less a must. I'm quite picky with what I wear, though you'd never guess by my overflowing closet. When Polette, an eyeglasses and sunglasses leader on the French market, reached out to me for a collaboration, I was pretty ecstatic about adding another pair of sunglasses to my collection.

Polette has brought a revolution on the optical world with their affordable prices ranging from $9.99 to $89.99. You could get a new pair of glasses for anywhere between 2 to 20 Jamba Juices!

Founded by a self made man, they're an online optician with no middle-men, keeping costs low for people like me who want to fund more shopping trips stretch their dollars.

Please read this next paragraph in your best telemarketer voice:

But wait! There's more. E-Polette offers eyeglasses to protect eyes from the light emitted by your laptop and phone screens. So you can wear those hipster glasses and fend off actually vision impaired people who snicker at you, because yes, your glasses have a purpose. They're customizable too!

Polette. Where fashion meets affordable (no that's not their slogan, theirs is definitely much better).

I picked out Elegance (*), because it captures my spirit very well (no sarcasm here). I was looking for a pair of oversized, movie star sunglasses that would be able to hold up in my bag, and matched with nearly everything. They're a decent weight and tinted well enough for me to be able to stare at whoever I want.

My sunglasses arrived in a white cardboard box, in about 2 weeks. Because they don't ship from within the US, I had to pick them up at the post office, which was a bit confusing and inconvenient. But I had some extra time waiting in line to play 2048, so who's complaining.

Check out Polette's TwitterFacebookInstagram, and Pinterest.

Here, I put a banner so you could quickly scroll to the giveaway. No worries, it's what I'd be here for too.

The fine print: Open internationally. Ends Feb 1, 2016. Winner will be contacted via email and given 2 days to respond. Another winner will be drawn after 2 days, continuing 4 times. 

Crossing my fingers for you to win! (:

Do you collect karma? Where are your favorite sunglasses from? Has El Nino been messing up your weather as well?



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